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Fresh ingredients

With fresh ingredients, we explore flavours, textures and moods.

Our food reflects different regions of Italy, culinary specialties from north to south, Venice to Florence Naples to Sicily and Rome

Join us on a magical culinary journey.

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Modern taste combinations

Our menu is carefully curated by our skilled chefs, who combine traditional Italian recipes with modern flavor combinations.

We only use fresh and seasonal ingredients to ensure the best taste experience for our guests. From homemade pasta and juicy steak dishes to delicious seafood dishes and tasty vegetarian options.

- we have something for everyone.

Casa Montagna will give you a little piece of Italy at Beitostølen.

Everything from the different spices we use in the kitchen, to the wine in the wine room and the colors in the restaurant will together give you a trip to Italy.



Let us know if you have allergies and we will adapt the dish to suit you.

Do we have to book a table in advance?

You do not have to book a table in advance, but we recommend doing this during busy seasons and weekends so you are guaranteed a free table when you arrive.

How late can we order food?

We are open until 22.00, and the kitchen closes at 21.00.

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